Boat Hull Protector

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BOAT HULL PROTECTOR by Barnacle Barrier™ is the ultimate In Water / Dry Storage Solution for your boat!
Keep your boat protected and in the water where its supposed to be!
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Barnacle Barrier™ is your best solution to a boat lift!


Boat Hull Protector
by Barnacle Barrier™ is a floating dry storage enabling system. It floats on the surface of the water and sits only about 3 inches above the water. The system goes around your entire boat similar to your boats footprint in the water. The rear section of the system opens and closes with ease, simply controlled by air, enabling you to pull your boat in and out of the system anytime. The system has a durable, flexible Kevlar 29 reinforced polymer water proof shield below the water that has a water evacuation system inside of it. Once you pull your boat in, the air gate is raised to encapsulate your boat, then the automatic water evacuation system is enabled. After about 2-3 hours, all of the water in the boat hull protector shield has been removed, making the shield like a shrink wrap around your entire boat hull. This actually puts your boat in a complely dry enviroment that eliminates water damage, salt water corrosion, and any risk of bottom growth on your hull! The bottom shield is made to resist and withstand bottom growth. If desired, the shield can also be cleaned by a bottom cleaning technician with a simple scrub brush. (the shield only needs to be clean enough to keep the unit properly floating, and doesn't require any cleaning for many years) Barnacle Barrier™ is a 100% GREEN product, it doesn't release any nasty toxins into the water like nasty bottom paint, and it doesnt lift your boat out of the water in any manor like a dangerous boat lift. Operation is simple, and it can take the abuse of the marine environment. The general materials that make up the product can last 100+ years in salt water!

Boat Hull Protector is here to free you from antifouling conflicts and hassle!

Boat Hull Protector

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